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AdultTimePilots Gianna Dior Gianna S Abroad Attraction 04 11 2022

El Nino

uploaded 2022-04-12 14:50:57



2022-04-12 14:50:57



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Gianna Dior and Robby Echo are showing a room in their apartment to a potential renter, Jason Moody. As Jason inspects the room, it becomes clear by his accent that he is from abroad. After a few moments, he casually says that he’ll take the room, but Robby seems a bit hesitant. He takes Gianna aside to have a private discussion before they make a final decision. Robby admits to Gianna that there’s something about the way that Jason looks at her that rubs him the wrong way. Gianna brushes this off and reminds Robby that they NEED to rent out this room to help support their expenses. Robby begrudgingly agrees, and they give Jason the keys. A few days later, Gianna is working on her laptop in the kitchen when Robby comes to wish her goodbye, leaving for the day. After he’s gone, Gianna seems to get an idea. She walks down the hall and peeks through the bathroom door, where she sees Jason showering. She examines his muscled body with a hint of lust in her eye. Eventually, she goes back to her laptop to get more work done, though it’s clear that she’s thinking about Jason


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