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MomSwapped Kayla Paige Skylar Snow Moms Movie Night 08 03 2022

El Nino

uploaded 2022-08-04 10:00:42



2022-08-04 10:00:42



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Kayla Paige and Skylar Snow are comparing their shopping conquests together when they decide to try them on. Without bothering to leave the room or turn around, both ladies begin stripping their clothes off as they chat about being single and getting themselves out there on the market. When Skylar says she’d like to try out a younger guy, Kayla agrees. That leads Kayla to make a deal to create a movie situation so they can try to seduce each other’s sons and see where it goes. Later, Kayla goes to where Ricky Spanish is sitting and Skylar does the same for Alex Mack. Each cougar goes to work seducing the other’s son. They come on strong. At first, Ricky and Alex are both shy and confused. When the ladies make it clear that they’re going to get exactly what they want through caresses and sexy talk, the boys capitulate pretty easily. Before long, Ricky has his hands and face all over Kayla’s big tits while Alex is giving Kayla’s the same treatment. That’s all the foreplay the girls need before Kayla gets on her knees to begin blowing Ricky while Skylar goes for it on her knees in front of Alex. Taking things further, Skylar gets to her feet, pulls her underwear down, and leans over the table as Alex comes into her from behind. Kayla pulls up her miniskirt so that Ricky can slide home into her tight twat as she’s on her back with one leg high in the air. The horny mommies ride each other’s sons in reverse cowgirl next as the boys sit side by side. When Kayla gets on her feet with the support of the couch, Ricky fucks her in doggy while Skylar takes Alex’s pussy pounding on her back. That’s all the two younger bucks can take. Alex pulls out to nut on Skylar’s bare snatch, while Ricky blows his load on Kayla’s big ass.


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